Benefits in Your Transformation from Victimhood to Agency

  • Pastoral Care

  • Negotiate transitions with ease and confidence

  • Lower your anxiety

  • Let go of guilt

  • Connect with like-minded elders

  • Enhance communication with family and friends about their feelings and needs

  • Imagine purpose in this stage of life

  • Know what you want in this stage of life including End of Life planning

  • Integrate the disparate parts of your past.

  • Cleanse your conscience

  • Feel heard, valued

  • Heal relationships as able

  • Formulate plans for your future

  • Transcend the stranglehold of trauma

  • Deepen your experience of the spirit

  • Discover light hearted joy!

It may be you have gone through or are presently going through the aging of parents, uncles-aunties, grandparents. You may feel disoriented witnessing or participating and you do NOT want to be a victim to the aging process. The costs of aging: psychological, relational, physical, and financial loom in your future and knowing how to meet those challenges for your relatives and yourself raises your anxiety level and you may feel stuck. Membership in A Community for Your Extraordinary Elderhood will open up possibilities and enable you to develop your potential for living at higher levels of thoughts and feelings. Resources for health and well-being activated for your use will save money and encourage your happiness in elderhood. It will assist you in fulfilling your desire to extend the best possible care to parents or other family.