Dr. Larry Grimm dynamically engages his audiences either in person or via internet in thoughts about aging and Elderhood.

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Global Community for Your Extraordinary Elderhood

In its original Greek Elder (presbuteros) was applied to the matriarchs and patriarchs of the clan, they were the judges, the keepers of the stories, the wise ones. Let's reclaim that for ourselves. I am the Chaplain-Coach for this Global Community.

Weekly Hour One-on-One Zoom Coaching

Unlimited Access to the Elderhood Academy

Weekly Elder Guild Zoom Meetings

Three Month Participation Payment (Request a budget dialogue here)

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A Community for Your Extraordinary Elderhood

As your Personal Coach I shall:

  • Connect with you weekly

  • Assist you in identifying and committing to your dreams and desires

  • Expose you to resources that will engage you in self awareness

  • Lead you in transformative meditation

  • Make referrals as may further contribute to your growth and development

  • Welcome you to Facebook group where you can engage others and publish your own insights

  • Include you in a weekly Elder's Guild as enough clients participate

  • Research information to expand your knowledge base about Elderhood

You shall:

  • Be coachable

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From the Rev. Dr. Bill Calhoun:

"Thanks Larry for this update and invitation. My lead and dominant thought is gratitude and admiration for your responsive call to offering our elder world these thoughts and this path. To the thoughts and path, I say amen...as my inner world in my 76th year is deep reflective solitude as I have long sought to live this elder hood path out.

Onward good dear soul! I am so pleased for your passion and calling for this work."

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Mission Statement

As Personal Coach for Life and Faith I will lead you as a participant in transformation from a victim of aging into a worthy protagonist in your life drama, helping heal some of the hurts, enabling you to integrate your past and guiding you in engaging your deep values and desires for an extraordinary elderhood.