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Engage as a Paying Participant in A Global Community of Extraordinary Elders: 3 months as paying participant (Click Here)

You will join an international network of like minded Elders committed to a culture of elder empowerment and pride. Create your own profile for the directory of A Community of Extraordinary Elders in the Facebook group and connect with those you want to know and engage around the globe. (No birth date required!) In three months you will make significant decisions that may positively affect the rest of your life.

  • Participation in 1 to 1 online coaching:

Weekly 1 hour online sessions with Dr. Larry Grimm to create a customized program to transform you from an aging person to an engaging person

  • Participation in an online Elder Guild:

Weekly 1 hour online session with 8 other Elders, sharing your stories, listening to best life practices, and discovering you are not the only one!

  • Participation in the Elderhood Academy:

Online courses addressing each of the four quadrants: your spiritual life, your physical well being, your relationships, and your economics. You will shape the curriculum. The online courses will be interactive and transformational, broadening your perspective and expanding our knowledge.

Couples may register as single participant

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