Reviews of Don’t Just Age, Engage

Dr. Grimm’s book on the value and potential of Elderhood is timely, written as it was during a global pandemic which raised disturbing questions about the value of we elders. He shows with unabashed frankness how Elderhood can be the productive capstone of a long life rather than a depressing time of growing pain and loss. Drawing on development models and his years of counseling experience, Grimm shows how we can mature into what we were becoming all along, the best realization of our human potential. He suggests ways to put our accumulated wisdom to work for our families and our communities. His book is a must read for any who doubt their worth as they come into the final and most fulfilling phase of their lives. Goodness, mercy and usefulness are there if we know how to find them. - Dr. Roger Mattson

Amidst these despair-inducing voices, Larry Grimm’s voice sounds as a call to recapture the meaning and value of elderhood first and foremost in the hearts and minds of we elders ourselves, and as a result in the larger population. It is a vision and goal that I applaud, and Don’t Just Age: Engage is an invitation to this journey. Whether one simply reads the book or engages in one or another of the forms of mentorship that Larry offers, the result will help empower and give hope to the elder reader, give indispensable insights for those who love and care for an elder, and add a voice to what hopefully is a transforming conversation in our larger culture about age, aging, and elderhood as a life-stage as dear and precious as any other.

(The Rev.) Kurt Neilson

Pilgrim guide, writer, storyteller, critical care hospital chaplain, educator

Author: Urban Iona: Celtic Hospitality In The City

Don't Just Age, Engage! - Personal Coaching for an Extraordinary Elderhood provides a workable step by step approach to retirement and reinvesting oneself. Larry Grimm has experienced some of the pitfalls of retirements and turned them into the joy of retirement. He has, through his use of coaching modalities, helped many people find meaning and purpose in their lives after leaving long-term vocations. Instead of retiring, he has found a way to help others re-wire themselves to turn an avocation into a monetized vocation. He coaches through his standards of integrity and his devoutly spiritual background to help others work from a place of intention. Don't just buy the book; use his coaching services to live a more abundant and prosperous life in elderhood. It was a pleasure to edit/proofread this manuscript. I learned a lot about myself and my change in profession four years ago. Your dreams are waiting for you to come true! - Dr. Maureen Hoyt